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Abani, C. (2004). GraceLand. Johannesburg, Picador Africa.

Abramovich, F. (1989). Quem manda em mim sou eu. Sao Paulo, Atual Editora.

Adamson, R. (1992). Wards of the state: an autobiographical novella. Pymble, N.S.W.; London, Angus & Robertson: HarperCollins.

Adichie, C. N. (2003). Purple hibiscus: a novel. Chapel Hill, N.C., Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.

Adler, C. (1999). The suicide. London, Minerva.

Agbugba, T. (1996). Not my child. [Lagos], T. Matt Promotions.

Ahmad, A. (2004). Iron town boy. Llandysul, Pont Books.

Aiken, J. (1995). A creepy company. London, Puffin.

Akoji, R. (2000). The return of Bimbi Suru. Abuja, Mart-Monic.

Albany Book, C. (1990). Teenage fiction booklist. Glasgow, Albany Book Company.

Albany Book, C. (1990). Teenage non-fiction. Glasgow, Albany Book Company.

Albert, B. (1994). Desert blues: a novel. Sag Harbor, N.Y., Permanent Press.

Alcock, V. (1997). The mysterious Mr Ross. London, Mammoth.

Aldridge, K. (2001). Pop. London, Jonathan Cape.

Alexander, J. and K. Stott (2001). Taming Tessa. Harlow, Pearson Education.

Alexander, S. (1997). In the frame. London, Macmillan Children's.

Alexander, S. (1997). Perfect timing. London, Macmillan Children's.

Allen, J. (2000). Travelling hopefully. London, Walker.

Allen, M. E. (2002). Branded. London, Egmont.

Allen, M. E. (2003). Bish bash bosh. London, Egmont.

Allen-Gray, A. (2004). Unique. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Amirshahi, M. and J. E. Knörzer (1995). Suri & co.: tales of a Persian teenager. Austin, Tex., Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin.

Anderson, L. H. (2001). Speak. London, Hodder Children's Books.

Anderson, L. H. (2003). Catalyst. London, Hodder Children's.

Anderson, M. T. (2000). Burger wuss. London, Walker.

Andrews, K. (1997). Face facts, Sky. London, Macmillan Children's.

Andrews, K. (1998). Fight it, Alex. London, Macmillan Children's.

Andrews, K. (2005). Best M8S. London, Macmillan Children's.

Andrews, V. (2002). End of the rainbow. London, Simon & Schuster.

Andrews, V. C. (2005). Shooting stars. London, Simon & Schuster.

Andrews, V. T. N. (2000). Rain. London, Simon & Schuster.

Angell, J. (1983). Suds, a new daytime drama. Scarsdale, N.Y, Bradbury Press.

Anonymous (1997). Wet dreams. New York, Carroll & Graf.

Armstrong, E. G. A. (1997). Growing up and ducking down. London, Minerva Press.

Aronson, L. (1998). Kelp: a comedy of love and seaweed. London, Macmillan Children's.

Arriaga Jordán, G. and J. Page (2002). A sweet scent of death. London, Faber and Faber.

Arthur, R. M. and M. Gill (1981). Requiem for a princess. [Sevenoaks], Knight Books.

Aryiku, M. (2002). Stranger in the lane. Accra, Woeli.

Ashley, B. (1983). High pavement blues. London, MacRae.

Ashley, B. (1995). Running scared, Puffin.

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